ECIWO Acupuncture

            Many diseases can be cured by ECIWO acupuncture with total effect rate of more than 90%. Surprising effect is often met. The medical skill of doctors will be highly raised when they master this modern acupuncture. 

A completely new medical technique - ECIWO acupuncture (Embryo Containing the Information of the Whole Organism) or Bio-holographic diagnosis and therapy was found in 1973 by Professor Yingqing Zhang of Shandong University, China. He also founded ECIWO biology and ECIWO medicine in 1980s. 

The ECIWO acupuncture is the important content of ECIWO medicine. The ECIWO acupuncture is a medical technique applying ECIWO acupoint (acupoint region) system. ECIWO diagnosis mainly includes diagnosis by electroeciwograph for diagnosis and ECIWO pressure pain acupoints diagnosis. ECIWO therapy mainly includes treating by ECIWO instrument for treatment and ECIWO acupuncture and massage. ECIWO acupuncture has been applied in treating 1,000,000 cases with more than 200 kinds of disease. The average effect rate is more than 90%. Surprising effect is often met. ECIWO acupuncture was verified and applied by doctors of more than 30 countries and regions. The theory of ECIWO acupuncture is profound while the method is simple with high effect. It is one of the most popular diagnosis and therapy all over the world. The doctors who master the ECIWO acupuncture will have their medical skill highly raised. Four congresses of Zhang's theory and discoveries have already been held in China. Three international congresses of ECIWO biology or ECIWO acupuncture medicine have also been held in Singapore(May, 1990) , in Oslo of Norway(1992) and in .Los Angeles of U. S. A.

Clinical application shows that perfect curative effect can be received applying ECIWO acupuncture to treat the following diseases.Cerebral thrombosis, cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral hemiplegia, atelencephalia, postencephalitis, traumatic amputation, cerebral arteriosclerosis, hypertention, concussion of brain, polyneuritis, vascular headache, vertigo, insomnia, lethargy, facial paralysis, facial spasm, tachycardia, hepatitis, gastrospasm, gastroptosis, gastric ulcer, anorexia, tracheitis, cholecystitis, constipation, cirrhosis, dysentery, enuresis, arthritis,scapulohumeral periarthritis, calcaneoa pophysitis, denidation, protrusion of intervertebral disc, chronic appendicitis, hysteromyoma, menopausal syndrome, erosion of cervix, dysmenorrhoea, amenorrhoea, menoxenia,mastitis, otitis media, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, toothache, rhinitis, conjunctivitis, haemorrhoids, urticaria, orchitis, operative syndrome, infantile diarrhoea, neurosis, neurosism, diabetes, coronary heart disease, renal colic, hyperplasia of prostate, infantile procrastinate pneumonia, infantile procrastinate diarrhoea, infantile intestinal obstruction,infantile hyperthermia convulsions,infantile tracheitis,infantile anorexia, sterility, dysmenorrhoea, amenorrhoea, annexitis, abnormal fetal position, rheumatoid disease, cervical spondylopathy, sprain, sport injury, costal chondritis, soft tissue injury, intercostal neuralgia, acute cholecystitis, acute gastroenteritis, acute intestinal obstruction, biliary ascariasis,duodenal bulbar inflammation,anal fissure,gastric ulcer,duodenal ulcer, rheumatoid arthritis,hyperosteogeny, rheumatic arthritis, nerve deafness, motion sickness, pityriasis rosea, myopia, acute lower limb phlebitis; pain caused by cancer as breast cancer, esophagus cancer, carcinoma of stomach, liver cancer, lung cancer, intestinal cancer, cancer of pancreas, carcinoma of uterine cervix.

List of Prof. Yingqing Zhang's Publications (in English)
  1. ECIWO and Its Application to Medicine: New Discoveries of the Unity Among the Different Structural Units of an Organism and the Physiological or Pathological Correlation in a human Body, 147pp., Shandong Press of Science and Technology, 1991
  2. ECIWO Theory in Medicine, 763pp., This book included practical papers of over 150 doctors. High Education Press, 1992i
  3. The Proceedings of Third International Congress of ECIWO Biology and The First International Congress of ECIWO Acupuncture Medicine, 500pp., This book included practical papers of over 200 doctors. Qingdao Publishing House,1996
  4. A New View of the Organism -- The ECIWO and Its Solution of some Challenging Problems In the Frontiers of Medicine and Biology, 173pp. Peace Book Co. Ltd. Hong Kong, 1992
  5. Progress in ECIWO Biology and Its Applications to Medicine and Agronomy, Including 61 clinic papers by nearly 80 doctors. 639pp. High Education Press,1990
  6. ECIWO Biology and Medicine: A New Theory of Conquering Cancer and a Completely New Acupuncture Therapy. This book is translated from Chinese book " ECIWO Diagnosis and Therapy", 257pp. Neimenggu People's Press, 1987.
  7. Videotape, 90 minutes, including 3 films. (a) ECIWO: a New Discovery in Biology. (b) ECIWO Diagnosis and therapy. (c) ECIWO View of the Human Body.

List of ECIWO Instruments

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ECIWO education

  1. The correspondence course of ECIWO biology, acupuncture and medicine. Please contact with us:
  2. ECIWO Therapy and Acupuncture practice. You may come to Jinan, China and study one month. Please contact with us:

Declaration of the Second International Congress of ECIWO Biology

Adopted September 10,1992, Oslo, Norway

ECIWO biology is a new discipline of science founded by Professor Yinging Zhang.4 congresses of ECLWO biology were Congress of ECLWO Biology was in Singapore in 1990.The Second International Congress of ECLOW Biology in Oslo, Norway , September 9-10,1992, is the first major presentation of this new field of science in Europe . A total of 193 papers submitted to the Congress are published in the congress book ECIWO Theory in Medicine -- Proceedings of the 2nd International Congress of ECIWO Biology. At the Congress a few additional scientific papers that were too late to be included in the proceedings have been presented. One of these was by Dr. med .Jochen GIeditsch, the previous President of ICMART(the International Confederation of Medical Acupuncture Association ),and two others by Professor Garnuszewski, the President of the Polish Medical Acupuncture Association.

The research presented in these papers offers strong evidence for the scientific validity of the ECIWO hypothesis as a fundamental new theoretical concept in biology and biomedical science. It is the verdict of the Congress that the ECIWO theory is a major contribution to the evolution of the life sciences with important implications in diverse fields of biological investigation. As regards biomedical science, ECIWO biology gives us new possibilities for a rational, scientific explanation of regenerative and healing processes. And ,most important to practical medicine, it offers us some simple ,but apparently effective methods to stimulate and direct healing processes in the living organism. The large number of clinical reports presented to the Congress and the high scientific quality of many of these indicate that these therapeutic methods based on the ECIWO hypothesis really are astoundingly effective in the treatment of a great number of human diseases and disablement. So far we have no indications that these methods cause ill effects or serious complications.

The very large number of cases reported gives us reason to predict with a high degree of probability that these methods, if further developed and put into worldwide practice, could have a substantial impact in improving international health care. It ,is therefore the recommendation of this Congress that this important scientific material should be carefully studied by improving health care the world over. We wish to express our gratitude to Professor Yingqing Zhang for having come to Europe to present his scientific discoveries, and for his great task in compiling the Proceedings of the Congress. We wish to thank all those who have contributed to this Congress through their scientific reports, whether they have been able to attend the Congress or not .And we wish especially to thank Mrs. Aud Aardal and the Norwegian Organizing Committee for their unselfish work in preparing this Congress in such an excellent way .

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