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Electroeciwograph for Diagnosis has the following function:  (1) Diagnose the focus without questioning the patient. (2) Judge the main focus and which part should be treated first if the patient contracted several diseases. (3) Diagnose even the patient is not sure which part contracted disease. (4) Judge the focus and the cause of disease which has symptoms all over the body. (5) Forecasting . (6) Avoid wrong diagnosis. (7) Directly find the ECIWO acupoint which should be acupunctured.

Electroeciwograph for Diagnosis is a ideal instrument to diagnose the signal of early diseases. First Hospital Attached to Mudanjiang Medical College. Ren, male, 56 years old. He felt dizzy for more than a year. Electroeciwograph diagnosis showed abnormal in the head region. But the patient had no further diagnosis and took no medicine. 4 months later, he contracted paralysis. He was sent into the same hospital because of aphasia and disorder of consciousness. His disease was diagnosed by CT as infarct of carotid and vertebrobasilar. Obviously, 4 months before, the disease can be controlled if the patient received treatment after further diagnosis according to the electroeciwograph diagnosis result.

ED-2-1 model needs one general computer and a printer bought by you in your place. It works on the Windows 95 or 98 or 2000. There must be a ISA card trough in the box of your computer (in general, most computer has the trough, you can ask the computer ). ED-2-1 can scan the 300 points of side of the second metacarpal bone system of left hand or right hand. One scanning with Electroeciwograph for Diagnosis on a hand in merely 15 seconds can give diagnosis about whether a person is affected by a disease and where the disease is, which amounts to a quick general check-up.

CT, MRI, electrocardiograph, and electroencephalograph all are employed to diagnose on parts of the human body designated by the doctor. When the patient fails to provide information of his affected area or the doctor fails to suspect the presence of a disease on a certain part of the patient, it is impossible to diagnose on that part. The Electroeciwograph for Diagnosis, however, can make diagnosis on the whole body by scanning only on a human hand; it can do so even if when the patient has no subjective symptoms on a certain part of his body. Therefore, this instrument has made an unprecedented contribution to the preventive medicine of the mankind.

According to the principles of ECIWO(ECIWO: Embryo Containing the Information of the Whole Organism) biology founded by me the second metacarpal side is divided into 5 zones corresponding one to one to the 5 regions of the whole body (1. head-neck zone; 2. lung-thorax-heart-back zone; 3. liver-stomach zone; 4. waist-middle -abdomen zone; 5. sacrum-lower abdomen-leg-foot zone. Zhang's ECIWO correlated zone map).The sensor of the Electroeciwograph for Diagnosis scans the second metacarpal side of the hand automatically from Zone 1 to Zone 5, and at the same time records a curve correlated with the various regions of the whole body, which can be used to determine the presence or absence of a disease and the location of the disease and be preserved on the files of case history. ED-2-1 Electroeciwograph for Diagnosis is fitted with a computer system; the results of the survey are presented on the computer screen or on the printing paper.

The ED-2-1 Electroeciwograph for Diagnosis consists mainly of a signal collection device, an interface board, a computer with software installed, a color monitor, and a printer. The diagnosis results are displayed in 3 electroeciwograms abreast, which are electroeciwograms of a long human segmentum --the ECIWO acuzone map of the second metacarpal, a human anatomical outline, and an electroeciwogram. The 3 electroeciwograms are all divided into zones in accordance with the relative proportions of the acuzones of the ECIWO acuzone map. The electroeciwogram for diagnosis refers to the r curve which indicates the change rate of the human skin electric resistance from a tested point to an adjacent point. When rn<3r, it indicates a zone with no pathological reactions, and the diagnosis result is marked by a (-);when 3r<rn<5r, it indicates a dubious zone, and the result is marked by a blank space; and when rn5r, it indicates a pathological reactions zone, and the diagnosis result is recorded as a (+).

The first page when the instument run:

The second page will appear after hitting the Diagnose button:

The 3rd page will appear after hitting OK button:

The 4th page will appear after hitting Start button:

The report of result of the diagnosis after hitting the View button (The report figure can be printed by a printer):

This case is Waist and Legs pain.

When it is the 4th page when you double click the "Result", following page will appear and you can see V(voltage), R(resistance, k ohm), r ( the rate of resistance change ) of any point of scanned 300 acupoints on the side of the second metacarpal bone.

When it is first page after your hitting the Search button:

 You can view the report of any case as above.

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